Portable Shark - Live: December 27,2004 (marged version)

September 9, 2010


This track is originally separated seven parts, and uploaded to the Internet Archive. But the live performance lasted seamless to the end. So, I marged seven parts to the one.

I like this performance. But I have no informations about "Portable Shark". Official Website: pshark.blissvoid.net is already down. According to few informations on net, they are three-piece group (Power trio), and I guess they have based short terms on Maryland, USA.

Original files on Internet Archive:

and under Creative Commons license:

separated seven parts titled as follows;
01   Flexible Spine 6:04
02   Birth Control Pills   4:19
03   Synthetic Bone Marrow   3:26
04   Tall Men   4:58
05   Also Mutating   1:37
06   10000 Blood Samples   6:16
07   Illformed Loops   4:04

After-marged-time 30:45

WAVE+CUE version on MediaFile:
zip.001 http://www.mediafire.com/?zk93n8ylln3gnq4
zip.002 http://www.mediafire.com/?2cyqu80i4h1ad26

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July 29, 2010

Notation: This sound of train is old, and recorded with cassette and cheap equipment like 1980s "Walkman". So it is low-quality.


"Hachikou-line (Hachikō Line)" is a railway line located within Tokyo, Saitama, and Gunma Prefectures in Japan. Check! Wikipedia.


Details : link to my blog (Sorry! Japanese Only)

Details of the Train :link to "Yamatetu Home Page"


Takezawa-Myokaku,Hachikou-line(1987) by MIYAHARA Harumo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Creative Commons License

Takezawa-Myokaku,Hachikou-line(1987) [14'45"]

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?fcv8e6b9j147h8y



July 29, 2010